Tacpack Updates for FSX

(Require purchase of Tacpack from VRSimulation)

Tacpack Mod Any Plane

Razbam Harrier Tacpack update

Requires purchase of Razbam Harrier

Alphasim Jaguar Tacpack update

Requires Alphasim Jaguar FSX native model from SOH

Yak-141 Tacpack edition

Alphasim F-8 Crusader Tacpack update

Requires Alphasim_F-8_Crusader_FSX_native_V2.zip available at SOH.

Mig-25 Tacpack edition

Requires HT Mig-25 .

Saab Viggen Tacpack edition

Requires alphasim_viggen_fsx_native_v2.zip available at Avsim.