Tacpack Updates for P3DV4

(Require purchase of Tacpack from VRSimulation)

(Require TMAP to be installed)

UH-60Q tacpack update

F-16C tacpack update

Russian Fighters made flyable, tacpack update
Iris Mig-29 Fulcrum tacpack edition

Raptor Driver tacpack update

Tacpack Mod Any Plane
v5.1: P3Dv4 version, complete with FLIR, RADAR, HUD, HMD, RWR, ECM

Tacpack Updates for FSX

(Require purchase of Tacpack from VRSimulation)

Tacpack Mod Any Plane
v4.1: added RWR, Western and Russian versions
v4.0: added FLIR in virtual cockpit, new weapons
v2.2: WWII custom variant

JustFlight Tornado GR1 Tacpack update

Requires the Payware Tornado GR1 available at JustFlight.

G7 S2F-3X Tacpack update
Requires SOH_G7_S2F3X by Milton Shupe available at Sim-outhouse.

Iris Mig-29 Tacpack update
Requires Mig29KFulcrum.zip by Mohammad Faali available at Simviation.

BS Sukhoi 27 Tacpack update
Requires Su-27B/UB/Su-30MKK Russian Updated (Category: FSX > Military) available at Simviation.
Virtual Cockpit requires purchase of J-15 Naval Flanker available at Just Flight.

Sukhoi 34 Tacpack update

Requires fsx_su34-1.zip available at Simviation.

Alphasim F-4D Phantom Tacpack update

Requires FSX-P3D-F4D-Phantom-zip available at SOH.

Razbam Harrier Tacpack update

Requires purchase of Razbam Harrier

Alphasim Jaguar Tacpack update

Requires Alphasim Jaguar FSX native model from SOH

Yak-141 Tacpack edition

Alphasim F-8 Crusader Tacpack update

Requires Alphasim_F-8_Crusader_FSX_native_V2.zip available at SOH.

Mig-25 Tacpack edition

Requires HT Mig-25 .

Saab Viggen Tacpack edition

Requires alphasim_viggen_fsx_native_v2.zip available at Avsim.