FSX vintage

Fiat G.50 for FSX HERE

Macchi 202 and 205 for FSX HERE

Tacpack update for Breda 65 MVG HERE

Orignal plane available at SOH

Reggiane 2000 for FSX HERE

Includes catapult launch mission

FSX modern

SSW F-104G NASA Repaint

Yakovlev-38 Tacpack and FSXWeapons HERE

In cooperation with Hadi Tahir and Rob Barendregt

VFW VAK-191B now Tacpack enabled

Fiat G.95 VTOL available HERE now FSX Weapons compatible

Yakovlev-36 available HERE now weapons enabled

CFS3 warbirds

CFS3 SCW Breda 65 Download

CFS3 MAW Breda 65 Download

CFS3 SCW AI planes Download
Heinkel 70, Tupolev SB2, Dornier 17M

CFS3 japanese AI - Download
ki-32, ki-44, ki-48, ki-51

FS 2004 Italian airplanes

Macchi C.202 Folgore, squadron 84

3D model
Additional textures for Lecce training school

Fiat G.50

First italian monoplane fighter, first flown 26th february 1937.

Campini Caproni

First italian jet plane ever built, first flown august 1940.